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Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

  That would be Greenland, in Greenlandic. Oh no! She’s going to whine about Greenland again…” You bet, I will! Christmas is coming, and I still have this silly dream of seeing Greenland’s flag in The Cove, and what better gift could I get for the Holidays? The world’s largest island is still playing hard…… Continue reading Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

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Crazy brains… just not mine!

I have a weird working brain, but at least it is working (most of the time… at least to keep my heart pumping and my lungs running their CO2 business). I know I am not the only one… lots of people don’t use their brains according to the manual. I strongly believe that us people…… Continue reading Crazy brains… just not mine!

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When the best, I’ll be…

  Starting at the bottom, step by step, upping my game, always looking high… I’ll paint my lips bright red as fire, curl my hair I’ll wrap my body in the finest silk, showing just enough, not showing too much… I’ll sing with a crystal voice, charming them with my words, with my thoughts, with…… Continue reading When the best, I’ll be…

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Micro poésie du vendredi…

  Un sourire tout petit tout simple, comme une fleur… À porter subtilement, accoté délicatement sur ton coeur.   Un calin, petite douceur… juste un sourire.  

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Odds & Ends – Notthedane56

  Knickknacks balls of twine old buttons, my lint collection the spaces between my teeth make for whistling, or echoes of what I forgot to brush, when I was young, Mostly odds and ends my drawers are filled with them memories, light-bulbs, rubber bands pictures of you, and me Things that can’t won’t be discarded…… Continue reading Odds & Ends – Notthedane56

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Mountain man… (Part four)

Previously posted June 11th, 2016   I called your name from the opening of the front door. It was unlocked when I arrived, and that was odd, since you were terrified of strangers breaking in at any time of day or night…  You didn’t respond, which seemed even stranger. I called a second time, almost…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part four)