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Cross-words that is. Or mots-croisés for those who have a fetish for the letter é (note that fétiche also uses it).

I am a lucky girl, all three of me (don’t judge my split personality unless you know us). My two friends in Denmark spoil me with pictures, videos, websites and all kinds of DK related stuff and ways to help me learn Danish…

And it is paying off. I am getting more and more comfortable with the vocabulary, the phrasing, the expressions…

Yesterday, I was sent a link to a Danish cross-words website. At first I thought “woooo, someone is overrating my skills!” But I gave it a try anyway. And surprisingly, with a little help from my ordbog, I finished a first grid! Yay!!

So I settled for a grid a day, because I can get a bit carried away (yes, yes… Beleive me).

Tonight I sat down with my tablet and dictionary, and put my brain on Dansk option. I was getting along pretty well, not needing much help. And then, I came upon a definition that seemed odd. “Ache for, long for, longing, yearning”… Hmmm… The website is obviously for people starting up Danish like me. I might just be picky, but I doubt I will be using længsel a lot. Then again since it caught my eye, I am sure to remember it now. Anyway, after typing in the last few letters, I was done… We were, all three of us!

Thank you again my dear friends, and your alter egos! I highly depend on you, especially since Lucas has run away to Argentina!


4 thoughts on “Krydsord…

    1. Us two? Do you mean us three, or him two, or us five (when put altogether) or maybe a mysterious combination of any two of all of them? Anyhow, you may be right about something going on there… But I won’t say, as I’ve read elswhere, I don’t kiss and tell! 😉


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