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International Day of the Day…

You know me… Always “à l’affût de” every International Day, to keep you informed. Today is International Day of Opening an Umbrella Indoors.

I was a bit reluctant to participate, since there is a superstition, here in Québec at least, saying that opening an umbrella in your house will bring you bad luck. I am not superstitious, but everybody wants luck to be on his or her side, right? I like to have my part of luck when I can, so I thought twice before getting on the Day of the Day train.

But, getting back to my first idea of not being one scared by black cats and ladders, I shook the fear of having something bad happening to me off my mind, and I went looking for my umbrella.

I usually would have had to search quite a bit, umbrellas not being the most important thing in Montréal in mid-March. But with the suprisingly warm winter we had, my umbrella kept it spot on the coat-peg. Lucky me!

I opened it in the living room. I waited for a few seconds, in case the roof would come down falling, but it didn’t. So I grabed my tablet, put it in camera mode, and I searched the perfect angle…  In vain. I settled for me holding the umbrella, arm-stretched, and taking the picture from the other… Looking easy? Think again!

With both arms getting shaky after a few tries (yeah, I have wuss arms…), I became less and less picky about the framing, and more and more just hoping for an almost clear shot. I felt like taking a break, but when I put the umbrella on the armchair to rest my arms, one of the little stick-thingies broke.




I broke my umbrella just trying to take a picture of it. Maybe I shouldn’t have opened it indoors after all…



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