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Weird earworm…

« Vers d’oreilles » were a common thing for her.

Very common. What was less common was to have a song she didn’t know, lingering in the back of her head. It had been there for weeks, just a short 10, maybe 15 seconds of a mysterious women’s voice singing. There was an eeriness to it that never left her thoughts…

At first there was only the tune, popping up from nowhere to haunt her, as if some ghostly presence was calling for her. That’s exactly what it felt like, it was calling for her whole attention.

She couldn’t figure the words of the song… It was like a murmur, and high-pitched complain-like notes floating in the air.

As the days went by, the song came to her more and more often, and at the least expected times… She now had blurred visions that came with it. That was new, she told herself. She often had music playing in her head, but she never had associated images to them.

Every time the chords echoed in her thoughts, she could see some man’s hand briefly, and a dark silhouette. She tried to replay the song, over and over, visualizing the hands and trying to get a clearer and clearer sight of each finger…

Every now and then, a new detail popped out… A blue cup of coffee, near a bright white sink. A window without curtains across the room. An early day light perhaps…

And each time the spectral tune calling to be recognized.

Eventually, the vision that came with the song was almost complete. She was taken into a house she didn’t really know, or did she? Turning around, barely seeing the room, and a presence was leading her toward the song.

“You know me…” the tune seemed to whisper to her.

One morning it struck her. Of course she knew it…

And she started singing…



“I am a Lost Boy, from Neverland.

Usually hanging out with Peter Pan.

And when we’re bored, we play in the woods.

Always on the run, from Captain Hook….”


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