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I dag var jeg et lille barn…

Today I got spoiled again…

I know you’ll probably say you did it out of boredom. Maybe it was the reason you took time to send pieces of your day abroad, like a set of stills…

But the result is the same.

Today, I sat with my earphones on, I closed my eyes, I listened, and I understood! Oh, I didn’t on the first listening, like the little child I could hear responding to your short storytellings… But I did, at last.

I didn’t allow myself to take the dictionary at first. I knew what you were talking about… Mowgli from the Jungle Book. Dumbo, the flying elephant. Bambi… The only story I Googled was “Mads og Mikkel”, because it didn’t ring a bell… The Fox and The Hound, of course!

I listened again, recognizing more words, and understanding the sentences this time… Punctuated with an occasional “Ja!” and at the end of each short tale, “slut!” (end)

I once wrote for one of my Danish class homework that I felt like a little girl learning the language. Today, I realised how young my learning “lille pige” is, but at least I know it is possible!

Alt er muligt!

Tak, min ven 🙂



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