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Under the Cayo Largo sun…

While having a conversation about vacations, I thought about my trip to Cuba a few years back… A lot of people here in Québec go for places like Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico when it is time to book their vacations… It really is not surprising knowing the 4 Fs ( see my earlier post “Frette”) we experience during winter.

What is surprising, though, is the fact that I ended up there.

I am not your typical “All included resort” kinda girl. I like visiting stuff, learning about the countries I visit and experiencing the local life. So, spending a week in a closed environment, where the main activities are eating, chilling by the pool, drinking, chilling on the beach, sleeping, chilling in the sea, going to the evening show and repeating… It wasn’t really written in the sky that I would end up in any of those places.

But that fall, we had a little budget, and a good friend of mine had gone countless times to this small paradise island in Cuba, Cayo Largo, which she highly recommended. I needed to unplug my brain, and it seemed like the good timing to do like everybody and book one week of sunbathing.

And I must say… I enjoyed myself a whole lot. I went on a one day boat trip, went diving,  released baby turtles to the sea, visited a mini island inhabited by dozens of huge iguanas, saw dolfins and starfish, walked on paradise-like desert beaches… I had a blast!

So here is a selection of pictures from these 7 days under the sun!

The bungalow where we had our room, A view off the snackbar and one of the pools

Beach shoots…

Baby turtles’ release into the ocean…

Iguanas and dolfin…

Sunset on the sea… Solnedgang, you know?


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