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Not as opposed to even… No, the strange and bizarre “odd”.

I am not a prompt to judge person. Or at least, I try my best at not letting myself be fooled by first impressions. But today, even after reading a bit about it, and trying to watch a few videos to get used to the odd feeling that I was experiencing, I just gave up.

My deepest appologies to all of you out there using and enjoying it, and there are a lot of you… What I am talking about here is asmr.

“Autonomous sensory meridian response”

Asmrtists, as some of them call themselves, record (very) long videos of them wispering, making odd noises with their mouth, or using props they rub or tap on their microphones. Some of them seem to be using some kind of relaxation techniques and speeches to calm the viewer, while others will just talk about just anything at all, making the experience even more bizarre.

I read that the special stereo recording technique was supposed to give the person who listens shivers in the head. They say that people sensitive to asmr feel the tickling more and more as the video goes on, leading to some head orgasm… Funny choice of words, given that one of the first things I read about asmr was that it was absolutely not sexual.

I’ll be honest, I won’t pretend to having been brave or enduring enough to listen to any of those videos until the end. I can understand how the murmurs and the soft talking can be soothing and relaxing for some, but to me, it was just anoying.

From my (little) experience of the trending relaxation videos, I noticed a few common points;

  • The videos are usually made by good looking people. Some of the girl asmrtists film only their torso, probably wanting to keep anonymous, but I find the experience to be even more strange, staring at breasts as I listen to the murmuring. (some men might use the “torso only” technique also, but I haven’t come across any video like that yet)
  • Asmrtists care a lot, or at least want to give the feeling they do, about their followers. You’ll hear a lot of “I like you” or “I hope you trust me” or things alike, probably to establish a link with the viewer…
  • Although the focus is on the whispering and the slow narration, gestures and tapping are used a lot as some kind of hypnotic technique.

So… If you are curious, go ahead, type the four letters in your Youtube window, and experience asmr for yourself! I found it to be weird, but it might trigger something in you!




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