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Montréal Kamloops…

I have a date in Kamloops…

Not the romantic kind, at least not that I know of, but I am requested there all the same soon. I didn’t know exactly where Kamloops was… I knew it was far West, like the old movies, with caravans and gold diggers, but I had to Google it just to be sure.

Google says there is no public transportation available from point A to point B, which is a problem. I don’t own a car either, and I think chéri would notice and not agree on lending me his for a surprise trip to British Columbia, while he has to work either….

So I am left with two alternatives… Walking and cycling my way there, which means at least 9 days of traveling to, and 9 days of traveling from Kamloops for that mysterious encounter…

I am thinking a day of rest will most certainly be welcome after that much bicycle riding time, so that means a three weeks get away altogether, if you consider that I spend one or two days there sightseeing, or whatever what my host has in mind for our meeting.

So… Here is my list of TTD (things to do) this upcoming week end.

  • finding a good reason to disapear from the map during three weeks… Because Denmark was easy to explain, since I had been bothering everybody with it for years, but I never mentionned needing to see Kamloops before…
  • finding a good bike. I think a well cushioned seat is requested if I don’t want to look like a cow boy, or a cow girl when I get there….
  • printing a map of my way from Montréal to Kamloops, because getting lost on the way is not an option.
  • starting to train to keep the pace and be in Kamloops in time for my meeting, because I’d hate to do all that bicycling and miss my date.


No pressure, but I hope you will be in a good mood while in Kamloops, and ready to entertain me with your most unpleasant ways, because this girl is not cross countrying to the other end of Canada for small talk about the weather over a cup of coffee!

I don’t drink coffee, you know?



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