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Honey, there’s a wasp in the bathroom!

Close up of wasp
  • You’ll take care of it this afternoon, right?

Sure! Yeah… Of course, I will! The bathroom being the place where the toilet, the bathtub and most of Freja’s stuff are, access to the bathroom is pretty much essential… So I guess that I can forget about the “let’s just close the door and wait for the wasp to die” option.

I am pretty sure we still have some wasp-killing spray somewhere in the apartment. But I just can’t find it (of course… ). For some reason, I have the feeling that the can is in the bathroom… (Thanks Murphy) Which is bad. Because it means having to enter the bathroom, locking myself with the beast, while checking for the can. If I go in, the can won’t be there… If I stay out, I am pretty sure it will be on the shelf, just next to the other kept-in-the-bathroom products…

I could try to open the apartment doors, and the bathroom’s, and try to woosh the wasp out, hopefully succeeding without anybody getting hurt. But that implies risks of cat running out of the apartment during the process, or worst, other wasps joining the fun, and entering my home. Again, not good!

There is always the good old smash-the-wasp technique. Not a big fan… If you miss on your first try, wasps tend to get angry. Angry wasps sting. And my bathroom is not very large, giving wasp a good chance at getting back at me! Hmmm…

Writing a post about the wasp in the bathroom is a great way to delay wasp-killing time. But even if I could go on a little longer, I guess I should just get to it.

I hope I am not allergic to wasps….




I’m not wussy, except when I want to make my man feel special… Then I can be a real pansy, scared of anything and everything, to make him look like a hero. But that’s another story, and I am alone right now, so there was no reason to play the wimpy card.

I spent some time thinking, sitting, my back to the bathroom door, wondering how to finally get rid of my invading wasp. I was about to go for the smashing option, when I decided to have a last look around the apartment in case I could find my wasp-killing spray…

And I did… All three of them!


RIP wasp.





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