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“Why would you settle for only one birthday per year?” he asked me once…

I had never given it a thought, I must admit. I know a lot of people who would rather not having Birthdayz, and never aging. That’s ridiculous.

Aging will happen whether we want it or not. And by that, I obviously mean physical aging… Because I know quite a few men who found a way not to age mentally, but that’s a whole other story!

Soooo, if we have to get older anyway, why not allow others to cover us with little attentions to sugar-coat the pill? Eat your cake, smile and swallow! (The pill, that is…)

After a little bit of reflection about turning my aging into a multi-Birthdayz-a-year festival, I wondered how many celebrations would be acceptable for my family and friends, time and budget wise.

I would say that once a month is too much to impose on people. It would be difficult to gather everybody every four weeks, and if other people join in the multiple Birthdayz craze, things could go ugly really quick!

Twice a year is not enough. If I am to enjoy aging, I’d like to do things right. By doing bi-annual events, some people might not even notice that I have more than a Birthday. Half of my friends would think I was born in March, and the other half in September… Taking a lot of the fun of having many Birthdayz out of the process.

I say 4 times a year, once every season would be just perfect. A Birthday-a-season sounds good to me. Spring Birthday in March, Summer Birthday in June, Fall Birthday in September and a Winter Birthday in December!

With that settled, I think the term “birthday” should be changed. It could be confusing for people I will get to know in the future. My now-friends know my actual birth day will be celebrated on my Spring Birthdayz. But my future-friends won’t.

“Make-me-feel-special-day” is a little long, and sounds a little selfish. It also could give the wrong ideas to some men, creating some awkward situations, and ending up going through my Birthdayz refusing endless indecent proposals… I guess I’ll have to work on how to call my four birthdayz, but if you have suggestions, be my guest, and surprise me…

All that said… I would just like to remind you that you just missed my Summer Birthday. I won’t hold any grudge, it is the first one, after all…

And it is never too late to cover me with little attentions… You know?


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