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I’m your man…

Oh yeah Leonard, you’re the man, for sure…

Not quite Mads Mikkelsen, but then again, I can’t ask that from every man alive, since there’s only one Mads.

But Leonard Cohen is one of Québec’s treasures, and I often end up YouTubing him when I am sitting alone in the evening… Leonard calls for a glass of Pinot Noir and dimmed lights!

I actually went to one of his shows, a few years ago, and I totally fell in love with the man… Deep voice, the right words, sparkling eyes… Classy, charming and not taking himself the least seriously… I am pretty sure he made every woman in the audience forget he was almost 80 years old.

It is so funny to think about all those younger men trying so hard to seduce… Take notes guys, Leonard has natural swag!!

So I could go on, but why not just let Leonard do the talking, well the singing…


I sometimes wonder what the encounter of Mr Cohen and Janis Joplin really was like… It is such a mysterious and unlikely duo. I wonder if they really loved each other or if it was just lust, either way, their story just makes me think that some people just need to connect. It just happens, and sometimes, something beautiful comes out of it… Like the following song.

The song itself only starts at 2 minutes and 45 seconds, but the story telling preceeding it is worth listening to… And I don’t know for you, but I can never resist good story telling…


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