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75 fois Merci !!!



I am speachless…

Dear blogging friends, I can’t believe that I got to this point! I don’t like the term “followers”, it seems a little intense. But reaching my 75th subscribed reader is quite an honor!!

I am impressed, and deeply touched that you chose my words to be worthy of your virtual librairy! I have had the blogging blues lately, for a few reasons, but all that love is giving me a huge boost 🙂

Thank you for your visits, I will try to entertain you as well as I can… In that sense, I’d like to ask you to leave me a little note telling me what kind of posts you prefer when you come by… Poetry, fiction, thoughts, travel, International Days of the Day…? I plan on keeping my horizons wide, but I’d like to know what you like!


Merci! Thank you! Tak!

Xiè xiè! Dank u! Salamat!

Danke! Sas efcharistó! Dhanyavaad!

Terima kasih! Grazie! Arigatō!

Gomabseubnida! Go raibh maith agat! Spasibo!

Hvala! Gracias! Tack!

Sağol! Spasybi! Cảm ơn bạn! Terima kasih!


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