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Busy bees…


I have strange habits… (well, I am strange in general… But that’s part of my natural charms, LOL) and one of them I can only enjoy at this time of year…

Bees-at-work watching!

Most people I know are afraid of everything flying that owns a stinger. I understand when allergies are involved, but otherwise, that is a fear unknown to me. Maybe because both my grandmothers were people very much in touch with nature, teaching me very early in life not to fear animals and bugs! I remember how my father’s mother (farmor) used to take bumblebees in her knobbly hands and pat them. I wouldn’t go that far, but I don’t run away from them. (the bumblebees… not my grandmothers!!)

At work, we have a lot of flowers blooming at this time of year, and one particular kind seems to be very popular among the pollen gathering society. As soon as the purple flowers bloom (I’d like to be more specific, but I really don’t know much about flowers names aside from the classic ones) it is party time!

Bumblebees, and both solitary and honey bees gather in a flying ballet that I just can’t miss! So I spend all my breaks staring at the flowers, when all my co-workers try to avoid the alley at all cost!

I back up only if a wasp shows up… Otherwise, I spend my ten minutes break watching the clumsy bumblebees, the brown and golden bees and the gracious butterflies going from one stem to another… So much work for such small beings!

Busy bees indeed…


(On my pictures, the flowers had just bloomed, and the word had not been spread yet that the open door buffet was open… Now, on nice days like today, there are dozens of flying things going around and about!)



5 thoughts on “Busy bees…

  1. I did the same thing yesterday and at the same place ! ( Ok we work together…:) ). Guess you are not the only one who’s strange !!! 🙂

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  2. I can relate to this post so much! I just did a post all about honey bees and how much I love them, and how we actually relate to bees more than we know. They’re so great to watch! Loved reading your post, thank you.

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    1. I’ll make sure to visit your blog 🙂 Bees are such incredible little creatures!! I can’t get tired of watching them at work, and I have another post coming soon to talk about them again… Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate your feedback 🙂


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