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Min kære ven…


My dear friend,

You most probably won’t read this, and I am at peace with that. You decided to go away for the summer, and you are not taking me with you.

Nobody but us know what we have shared so far… Some people have seen me talking to you, some people have seen you talking to me, and a few people have seen us spending time together. But nobody knows the whole story. And what a story!

We’re both intense and alike on a lot of levels. I think we understand each other on a level difficult to understand for the others. If souls survive death and reincarnate, I would be tempted to think that we have met in the past.

And I want to believe that we will meet again, after your summer trip…

You need to travel with your wife, and your children. I never pretended to be a better traveling companion then they are. I never intended to go on that roadtrip with you, leaving them behind, but I hope you’ll share your summer souvenirs with me all the same!

I hope the weather will be great as you go along… I wish all of you beautiful sunrises, and sunsets.  There will be a few rainy days for sure, and if you feel under the weather, give me a call… Friends are always there for each other, and I’ll find something silly to say, to give you a smile.

Don’t forget to come back.

And please, please don’t forget me. I know your memory works in mysterious ways, and although somethings you’ll never forget even if they’re useless, some important others can go missing from your mind in a flash.

Travel happy, and travel light, it is the best way to go.

Try to send me a few postcards along the way… I’ll wait for the postman with a smile.

Take good care of yourself,

God rejse min ven!




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