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Trying to seduce Brazil…



Recently, I listed all the countries that had come to visit my Cove in the past 8 months or so… I was impressed, and looking at the world map (Mappemonde, you know?), I wondered if I could color it up by seducing each country that hadn’t been tempted by my words a single time…

I decided to start with Brazil.

Mainly because South America never visited me, and Brazil would fill a large part of it.

So I have been reading about you Brazil, and here are a few facts I gathered that are a little different from what we usually learn about foreign countries… I hope it gets your attention, and that you will leave a trace in my stats, with your flag flapping to the Cove’s winds….

  • The largest free rock concert was held in Rio de Janeiro, and 4.2 million people attended it. That is more than half of Québec (the province, not the city) going to the same music event! Wow! That’s the kind of show you tell your friends “we’ll meet there”!!
  • There is a city called “Nao-Me-Toque”… litterally meaning “Don’t touch me”
  • brasilia
  • Brazilia, the capital of Brazil, looks like an airplane when seen from the sky… Nice!
  • Brazil is the largest market for crack cocaine… I guess you just don’t choose what you’re best at…  But being number one, is being number one nonetheless!
  • At least 180 languages are spoken in Brazil….  And I have trouble being fluent in 3! Ok, I know that people don’t speak all 180 languages, but still, that must be a source of constant misunderstanding 😉
  • Brazil has a replica of the Statue of Liberty. I don’t want to brag, but I have one too, I brought it back when I went on a roadtrip to Amityville with my brother. But hey! Good for you all the same Brazil, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!
  • In Brazil, a prisonner can have his sentence reduced by reading! 4 days every month they read a book and write a review… That’s an idea worth spreading around, if you ask me!
  • Brazil once used Ebay to list an aircraft carrier that was for sale. 2 things, a country using Ebay, and an aircraft carrier listed on Ebay. Brilliant…. Just brilliant!lencois-maranheinses-from-air.jpg__1072x0_q85_upscale
  • If I ever go to Brazil, the main reason will probably to see those magical lagunas, borded with endless sand dunes… Isn’t nature just powerful?!? It is said that in some of those lagunas, dolphins help fishermen catch fish… It is probably a “take them and leave us alone” thing, but it must be pretty special all the same!

So there you go Brazil…  I hope to see you in my stats soon. Just a little caprice from crazy me!


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