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Those words that stick…

to your mind. You probably know that feeling… When your life feels like a movie for a few seconds. It just happens, and you know you’ll never forget that very moment.

It doesn’t need  to be something over spiritual, or highly intellectual. But it sticks like famous blockbusters’ quotes…

“No one puts Baby in a corner”

Every girl of my generation knows what I am talking about.

I have words like that, that pop up from time to time, to remind me of times in my life when I felt special.

“I found you!”

That’s one of my all time favorites.

It was a long time ago. We had bumped on each other a few times, but always in crowded places. A few echanges, but nothing personal. And then, that evening, a messsage was waiting for me on the answering machine.

“I found you!”

It could have been creepy, but I remember the shiver that went down my spine when I listened to the message. I didn’t understand who it was from at first, not quite recognizing the mysterious voice. But the feeling of being worth chasing around town was new and exciting. The thought that someone had searched for me was enough to catch my full attention. I had always been the one to approach people…

I noted the number on my phone display, and I called back.

“It is me…”

He said. I understood immediatly. And it was the beginning of one of the great stories of my life.

You probably remember the Jerry Maguire classic; “You had me at hello!” Well, in my case… I can probably say, “You had me at I found you“….




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