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Late night fiction…

Park Bench At Night Desktop Wallpaper


They had agreed to meet in the park, after dusk.

Alone, once, just to settle things right.

She was sitting on the bench as previously discussed, and he came out of the shadows at the given time. Walking slightly slower than he used to, maybe a little scared about this strange encounter he was about to make.

She didn’t move as he sat down by her side, not saying a word.

They stayed there for what seemed an eternity, staring at the reflects of the stars on the pond’s water. She turned her head towards him, and heard a clear though subtle acceleration of his breathing… But he kept still and quiet.

Suddenly, she stood, and started to run, fleeing him as if her life depended on it. She didn’t look back, afraid to change her mind. He stood too, and by reflex more than anything else, ran after her in the dark. He was fit, surprisingly fit and he caught up with her before being the least out of breath… Since she didn’t seem to want to quit and stop, and because of an impulse he couldn’t explain himself, he threw his arms around her and pulled her off her feet, the feeling of her back against his chest throwing them off balance.

As they thumped to the ground, luckily in the furnished summer grass, she knew she had proved her point. And the pain grunt he thought he heard, was in fact a cry of victory.

Now realizing he was holding her, the man let go of the impulsive embrace, and crawled aside leaving her panting on her side in the grass.

– I knew it! You…
– DON’T say that… I don’t and you know it!
– Then why the chasing?
– I don’t know…

She sat in the grass, trying to place back her tousled hair, shaking her head. In their fall, he had lost his glasses, and she had gotten her hands on them before he had the chance to get them back. Almost blinded by the darkness and his missing glasses, he couldn’t see her slowly making her way back closer to him, coming from behind. Sneakily, she drew herself as close as possible without touching him, her head almost laid on his shoulder. He smelled of aftershave and sweat, and she could barely retain herself from finishing him straight away…

– You want me…

She murmured in his ear. In a flash, all his muscles bent just a tad, and she could almost feel the electric bolt that had just stricken his body from head to toes… Like a lightning.

He was waiting to see what she’d do next. Her words had cut right through him as they always did. He felt as if she was carving him sadistically, feeding him pain and lust at the same time.

She was still, over his shoulder, breathing on his neck. She could almost feel the pheromones oozing from every pore of his skin, calling out for her… Speaking out loud for all the held back declarations he hadn’t been able to throw at her. All the “If onlys…”

Lost in the moment, she had let her hands around his waist and wrapped herself to his back, at last feeling his body like she had wanted for so long. Her embrace was almost childish, asking for affection long denied. Caught by surprise, he didn’t move for a few seconds and then recollecting his thoughts, he spun around, catching her wrists in his large hands, locking them harder than he would have thought, pinning her down on the ground.

– Don’t do that again!

He was lost… What now? He didn’t know what to do nor say.

Tucked to the ground between his legs, she grinned although he couldn’t see it clearly. He yearned to hit her, hurt her, like she had made him suffer… And at the same time, he wanted to take her and do all those unspoken forbidden things that had driven him crazy over time…

– Want your glasses?

How could she speak so casually? Yes, he wanted them back, but that wasn’t a priority at this point…


To  be continued… maybe.


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