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Bare butt Blogging…

I think Freja read over my shoulder one too many times while I was going through my Facebook thread, and if her paws weren’t that furry, she probably would have stretched and “liked” some of the “Cats are the best alarm clocks” postings.

She takes her new position at heart, and she develops very creative ways to discourage any further sleeping in the house.

Meaning that, for the sake of chéri’s beauty sleep, I decided to get up to stop the hairball fury.

As soon as I was on my feet, the grey devil switched back into Freja as we usually know her, and she went lying in some random spot to sleep, obviously completely exhausted after all the running about and jumping around, and paws in the face, and biting of toes and such!

Leaving me standing, naked, by the bedroom door, looking for last night’s pajamas. Yeah, I sleep in my birthday suit, I just find it more comfortable. I make an exception if we have some visit sleeping over, just in case of a bathroom urge in the middle of the night, but otherwise, I do enjoy rolling myself in the sheets wearing only a smile.

And here’s where the title of this post kicks in.

Why get dressed? Why not be wild and try something new? I am such a daredevil! Throwing out the window the unwritten laws of clothed Blogging…

As I sat on the couch, turning on my tablet and bluetooth keyboard, I wondered about good reasons for getting back up and seeking for my pajamas. But really, I couldn’t see any.

  • What if you get a Skype request?

Not bound to happen. I’ve only Skyped with one person in the past, and I am not going to get a request to video chat from him today. 100% sure. So sure, that even Murphy’s laws don’t apply here… Pretty safe, uh?

  • You always wear clothes, what if you catch a cold or something?

With an indoor 27 Celcius degrees, I think I should survive… Freja even seems to be a bit envious, not able to take off her furcoat herself. Nope, health is not an issue here.

  • Readers will inevitably try to imagine you butt naked on your couch!

So what?? 99,9% of you readers don’t have the slightest idea just what I look like. Am I a tall fit blonde, wrapped in nothing but her fanciest perfume? Do I weigh 350 pounds, my hairy legs stretched on the sofa, sweating in the summer heat, thinking I should wash my greasy hair? Am I anywhere in between?

Freja stares at me, hoping for treats most probably. She couldn’t care less about my “not throwing clothes on” and I realize the only thing that could happen, would be if chéri got up and caught me Blogging naked. He knows I am crazy, it wouldn’t surprise him that much!

So I guess that’s it, for Bare Butt Blogging. Just something new I tried. Not dangerous in any way, not much different than regular Blogging, just proving that I have an awkward curiosity…

Been there, done that… Bare butt!



2 thoughts on “Bare butt Blogging…

  1. Awww thanks Deborah 🙂 I have to give credit to my crazy mind and its “why-not” syndrom though… Happy I could make you smile today, and I’ll make sure to pay a visit to your blog asap 🙂 🙂


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