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The melt down…



I am on the road to lose my sanity altogether tonight (don’t bother writing about the lack of, even before today… I am aware I was already crazy, but some wisdom thread had kept me somehow connected to reality… I think! But that was until today)

To say the truth, my sanity started going down the drain (a long time ago! Stop, stupid mind!! I’m trying to write a post here!!) yesterday night. The office where I work has been under major construction work for the past couple of years, and the air conditioning has seemed to have a mind of its own ever since. Cold, warm, stopped completely… Even if we send requests to have it adjusted, it always goes crazy without anyone knowing how to control it.

Yesterday, it started hissing in the late afternoon… Around 4 PM to be precise. First a hiss, just barely bothering, like a mosquito constantly buzzing in your ear. I always worked in calling centers, which made me develop a case of what I call “cat ears”. My ears have become extremely sensitive to any annoying sound, as low as the sound of a television turned on, but on “mute”.

As the evening went on, the hissing grew louder and louder, making me wonder if the company I’m working for were trying to push me and my co-worker to suicide… We called the people in charge of the dang air conditioning, and they said they’d try this and that.

At 11 PM, I was looking for any kind of rope strong enough to take my body’s weight, when the playing-with-the-AC guy called to say he would turn it off completely. OMG! I knew it meant that the temperature would eventually go up, but I preferred working in a bikini to having the dang AC ruin my cat ears and my mental health!

Little parenthesis, for you visitors from far far away. Every year, Montréal gets very cold winters (people usually expect that) and pretty God dang hot summers! And yesterday, we had something that felt pretty close to 40 Celsius because of the moisture.

When I got to work today, a big fan had been placed in front of our door, to give an impression of fresh air. “Impression” is the important word in this sentence, knowing that it was more a combination of the sound of a small Cessna pushing warm air in the office. As soon as my only co-worker left the building, I closed the door, to give my cat ears a break from the Cessna.

The thermometer now shows a “nice” 29,5 degrees and going up.

I am thinking hot air balloons and cotton candy… Mad Hatter and rabbit’s hole… Feeling like a survivor on the coast of a virgin island with just a basketball for a friend….

I might not make it, but if I go down, it will be while fighting, assuring me a place in Valhalla…


If you are following my ramblings about, you might be expecting an “F for…” post tomorrow, for my “A to Z Challenge”… Don’t worry if you don’t.

It probably would have been about failures anyway!

Adieu! (not taking chances here)



2 thoughts on “The melt down…

    1. Sorry for the late reply!! Your comment got stuck in my spam queue, and I just always forget to check it!

      Thanks for your good words, I hope to see you around again in the Cove soon 🙂


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