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Choking on a tea bag…

tea bag


Here’s an interesting headliner in Québec this morning…

As I am going through this new day’s news, catching up on my favorite Bloggers’ posts, with the tv in the background, I catch this story.

A family is sewing an elderly home because grandma choked on her tea bag! They are asking for 180 000$ because the old lady swallowed the bag along with her morning tea, choked, and then had pneumonia and died…


I feel for the family who lost a loved one. I truly do. No death is a happy happening, young or old, and the loss must be hard to take.

But sewing the seniors’ residence for it? Really?

Something tells me it wasn’t the lady’s first tea, and it certainly wasn’t a surprise there was a bag in that cup!

People seem to have an imperative need to blame others when sh*t happens. It is kind of sad. Has common sense taken a one way trip to Neverland? I once saw (not on the Internets, I actually SAW the warning) a t-shirt tag mentionning the piece of clothing was not to be eaten…

Come on!

I think I’ll draw myself a hot (not too hot though, even if there is no labelling warning me on the tub) bath, and I promise to be carefull not to squeeze my liquid body soap up my nose, although I believe nothing prevents me from doing so on the bottle…

Things should be better afterwards.

What a dangerous life we’re living………….. really?


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