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My travelling Feet…

When I decided to pack up and live my dream of visiting Denmark, my little brother told me to take a lot of selfies along the way. (Nooooot a selfie girl, in a selfie world!) “Pictures you won’t show up in might be beautiful, but anyone could have taken them!

True, little bro, as usual!

But, need I repeat myself, I am not a selfie girl. So I tried my best, and for some reason, I started taking pictures of my feet. They’re selfies too, you know?

So here’s a brief (Pffffff – I heard you giggling in the back!!) summary of my trip to Vikingland, featuring Righty and Lefty!


1st step (LOL), buying brand new (if possible!), durable and comfortable shoes! – Check!!



Then go for the comfy-dry quick- ultra thin socks… “What sir? There must be a mistake on the price tag! No?? Am I going to buy them? Dang yeah!”

I’ve always bought and worn cheap socks before… I’ll pretend I was saving up for my expensive Denmark Rally socks! 3 pairs of them; Turquoise (as shown above) Purple/Pink, and Black !



Here are my feet in Iceland. All of us have just come back after trolling around Reykjavik on a less than pleasant morning! It was cold (3 degrees Celcius, while Copenhagen had about 20 waiting for me), windy (I think they invented wind in Iceland) and on this picture, you can see 2 happy feet (not the penguin) enjoying the warmth of the Keflavik Airport, waiting to leave for DK!

P.S. My legs are not that big!!



My feet and their first day in Copenhagen the Beautiful! Notice the slight angle in the left ankle… Pathetically trying to be feminine!!  Keep trying gurl!

But who cares…!



Second day in Copenhagen. See how attention-hungry Lefty can get?? Taking the focus off my delicious first Danish hot dog! There never will be a clear picture of my first Danish hot dog now!! Thank you Lefty!!



Third day in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens. After 3 days of intense walking… My feet asked if they could try the Danish grass while I enjoyed Gospel in the shade… Done deal!!

P.S. Really, my legs AREN’T THAT BIG!!



In Langeland, seeking the wild horses… You can see clearly who’s seeking attention and who not that much! (I know… Lefty… ENCORE) We had a good time walking on that rocky beach… (don’t worry, Righty was with us, somewhere!)



Aalborg’s Airport… The 3 of us are sad on that picture. I think it shows. There were 2 days left to go, I had left my friends behind for good (until next time, but still)…




Righty and Lefty back home….  Resting and talking about the good times abroad. They brought their own souvenirs, a few blisters, and a few new bumps… and we’re all happy about that.

I was about to call it a wrap… but Lefty was unhappy with the fact that we showed my expensive turquoise socks, and the black one… But didn’t show the Purple/Pink pair! You know I am a pleaser, so here it is…



The three of us at work… Well I do the working, they basically just give me the lift to the office!

Still dreaming about Aalborg, and Svendborg, and Møn and such…. Even missing Aarhus a bit, hehehe.

And my travelling feet still wearing their prettiest socks, like a little girl and her Princess Cinderella dress!




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