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J like Jungle… (A to Z challenge)





I don’t mean Moogli, Baloo, Shere Khan, Bagheera and the like… Although, I could have talked about it. It is a nice tale, but it always puzzled me why Moogli’s bestfriend in the jungle would be a bear…?

I love Baloo, don’t get me wrong, but when I think “jungle”, I personally think, snakes, monkeys, tigers and animals like that. Bears don’t come to my mind. Bears in the mountains, bears in the North American forests… Yes. Bears in the jungle? I don’t think so.

But this is not about the Jungle Book.


No… This post is about my jungle mind. If you’ve been going through some of my posts, you might have noticed my tendency to let it go anywhere and everywhere.

In the same day, I can write something something really dark or serious, and then turn around and publish something silly and (hopefully) funny. I can’t help it! I admire Bloggers who have a signature way of writing. You know, the type of people you know exactly the kind of reading you’ll get when a “new post” message pops in your email inbox?

Poetry, travel, food, fantasy… They have a mainline they follow professionally. My mind can’t focus like that. It is going everywhere, carelessly and I can’t discipline it. I sometimes feel I should tame it into choosing one subject and writing about it day after day. No success yet.

My thoughts are like personnal stories, growing as tall strong trees, covered by fantasy short tales wraping themselves like lianas in their branches. One or two poetry flowers blooming here and there,  along a river of observations about my everyday life, and if you keep an open eye, a occasional dark cave in the shadows…

It might be confusing for some readers. With a little luck, others find that interesting…

I guess it is just a reflexion of my mind. I think a lot, maybe too much. About a lot of different things, simple and complex. I don’t compartiment thoughts, they just run wildly.

I am sorry if it is irritating, I know it can be.

Even for me… When I get lost in my jungle of thoughts…



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