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Sometimes, I disagree…

Quotes are a great way to lead you to think…

Thinking doesn’t mean reading, liking and always agreeing! Thank God!

Here’s a good example (for me, that is);



Nicely written, and I like the metaphore. I was almost tempted to agree.

But I think sometimes, in life, some things are worth fighting for, even if seems worthless at first… I feel that you’re only pathetic if you go past what you set as your own limits for yourself.

And in that sense… I’d like to respond to the above quote;

Yeah, sure, but what about dried bouquets? Sometimes flowers get a second life, if you are patient enough 🙂

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Sometimes, I disagree…

    1. Thank you Nikki 🙂 I know that you post similar quotes regularly, and I really like them (you were just a tad faster than me yesterday for the glass one… I was about to post it when I saw you had… LOL). This one just made me realize I didn’t always agree completely 😉

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