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My head’s full of words who want their five minutes of glory. “Pick me! Pick me!” they all seem to scream in my mind… But I stare blankly, deafened.

And the seconds go by… The minutes, the hours…

I’d like to be witty and intelligent again. But tonight I just feel numbed by the seriousness of life.

I wanted to tell you, readers… Because I might be quieter for a while. Your recent increasing display of support and interest in my Blog is highly appreciated. It is extremely rewarding. I encourage you to go deeper in the Cove, if you enjoyed my latest posts…

I’ll rest a bit, to entangle my thoughts…

I’d really like your feedback, to know what you guys like about the Cove? Not in order to change it, but simply to know… There’s always room for improvement, especially in a messy Cove like mine 😉

Hoping for your good words…

Cyranny xx



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