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I bought myself a dream…

This week, I bought myself a dream.

I am a bit crazy on the sides, everyone who knows me is aware of that. As much as I can have endless patience, every now and then, I do something completely mad without thinking twice.

This week, I bought myself a pair of tickets for a concert. Not that crazy, you must be thinking.

Think again!

I bought a pair of tickets for a 2017 February concert of my favorite band, Mew, playing with the Copenhagen’s Philharmonic Orchestra. In Copenhagen. Yeah, Denmark’s Copenhagen!


I’ll most probably end up reselling those tickets around Christmas time, but I wanted to have a few months of wondering “what if”… I wanted to have all those “maybes” in reach, and smile, thinking I might be about to meet again with Vikingland.

Maybe… Maybe I could arrange a surprise one week get away, without telling chéri. Call his boss, arrange for him to have some vacation, pack our bags while he isn’t home, and the night before our flight, give him the tickets. Hoping he’d be as excited with my secret plans as I would be…


Maybe… Maybe I could ask Pippa to take a few days off, and join me in Copenhagen. We could have a girls’ week of fun in the city, walking around, visiting museums. Or just sitting by the water, in one of the many parks, eating hot dogs and talking about our lives without worrying about running out of time…


Maybe… Maybe I could rent an appartment with a view on the stockmarket. And send planes with banners announcing my presence in town, hoping for a knock on my door. I could open a bottle of good Pinot Noir, and pretend I am from and/or heading for Albania, and flutter my eye lashes hoping to be fed fantasy all night long, staring out the Copenhagen’s skies…


Maybe… Maybe… Måske…

In French, we have a saying; “Avec des “si”, on pourrait mettre Paris en bouteille”. Literally; “With “ifs” we could put Paris in a bottle”.

Ifs and maybes are the only way to live. At least, for me it is. I need to dream to feel alive. And I sure bought myself something to dream about… I might not go meet you this quickly, dear Denmark. But I might too.

And the possibility is all I need to close my eyes, get a warm feeling, and smile.




11 thoughts on “I bought myself a dream…

    1. Thank you for your comment, honestyou 🙂 So many people keep themselves from considering possibilities, afraid that reality will be disappointing in the end. Which ends up happening anyway, if it has to! Why not allow ourselves to dream, while we wait for life to bite us in the *ss? 😉 And you never know… What if you got a kiss instead of that bite!

      Welcome in the Cove 🙂

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    1. Hmmm two things here… First of all, I don’t see any reason to get into trouble, unless I drink that Pinot Noir all by myself 😉 And second, chéri is at the center of my plan A… And should he read this (which would considerably spoil the surprise), he could testify that I am capable of planin all of this in his back and tell him just when we’re about to run for the airport 😉

      I am crazy like that… I think you know that too! lol


  1. Maybe is a powerful thing to hold onto. I hope you don’t sell your tickets and have a wonderful time at your concert. Life’s short – grab your dreams whenever you can!

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    1. Thank you for your good words Dee 🙂 Ifs and maybes are important words in my life… Only time will tell what will happen to those tickets, but I keep the hope to be sitting in the room on that February night, in Copenhagen 😉

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