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Less than a year ago, California didn’t really ring a bell to me.

Oh, I knew where it was, and all, but I had very little interest in it, for once because I only had eyes for Denmark, and second, because, well, I just had no reason to develop a growing interest in the South-Western state.

Since then, I met an ex-Californian, about to be reunited with motherland, and things have changed a little. I didn’t fall madly in love with California. I still love Denmark though we both know I’ll never live there (unless I win the lotery, fingers crossed), and me and Canada still have a more than comfortable relationship. I can’t offer California the attention I know it could deserve, but I’ve noticed, over the weeks, how much I already knew about it, and the many references to it that are there just under my nose, on a daily basis!

I don’t know how often my friend will log on the Internets while on the Golden Coast, and for how long… And I am guessing “not too often” and “not too long” which is perfectly understandable. Hey, you have 3 weeks to catch up on years and years of not-being-there-anymore, it’s not the time to miss a sunset just to say hi! And the little time spent online will probably be spent reassuring his wife, proving he didn’t get eaten by a bear or run off with a sexy young babe!

So… California.

When you say California, you think…? Sun, yeah, keep thinking…. Beaches, true, but what do you find on the beach, and under the sun (preferably)?

California babes! California just wouldn’t be California without the babes! And I thought that since my friend is offering himself this trip of a lifetime for a special birthday, I could contribute by having a few of those blond babes welcome him on the beach! I made a few calls, and my contact down there sent me a picture of the rehearsal. It should give something like this…



Ok, the picture is a little blurry, but you couldn’t blame the photographer for shaking in his shorts, right? I don’t know if the girls will recognize the true California stud in him, after all this time spent abroad, but I sent all the best shots of his left ear I received since I know him, and I think they’ll all be delighted to meet with the rest of him!


California Raisins… Ok, a lot less on the sexy side, I agree. For those who wouldn’t remember them;



Now, those singing raisins kind of scared me back then… Ok, they still creep me out. Enough said, they don’t deserve more attention than that!


Yosemite National Park! I had heard the name before I met my Cali friend, but not much more… It reminded me of Yosemite Sam, and I don’t really know if there is a link between the two. Yosemite Park is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and I think it is pretty cool that he’ll camp there again, now accompanied by his imaginary dog, marking this special anniversary!

Here’s a card of the famous park…



I never cared too much for mountains untill recently. Most probably because Québec only have a few hills, and the Canadian Rockies have been cited way too many times when people discuss Québec’s possible separation from Canada, not making me want to visit them. Besides, they’re at the other end of the country, and if I have to travel that far, I’d much rather go down to California.

I did get pretty impressed by the Alps though (not the Danish Alps… I didn’t get a chance to see them yet!), especially when I flew over them while heading to Switzerland some years ago…

But now, for me, California rhymes with El Capitan, Half Dome, Cathedral Peak and the like… I even recognize some of the majestic mountains on pictures now, and I also like some of the less famous mounts, for silly reasons. How can you not love Unicorn Peak, or Cloud Rest? Just impossible!


El Capitan


Cathedral Peak


Half Dome

If I was planin a trip to the Golden Coast, it would probably be mostly for Yosemite Park. But I think I’d end up going alone, because chéri isn’t too much into wilderness and hiking. I could let him visit some town while I lose myself in the wild!

Which brings me to the next point, major cities.


I know, if I went to California, I’d have to visit some of the major cities… But big cities make me nervous. That’s probably one of the reasons I really like Denmark. Danes have reasonably big cities… Not sky’s the limit ones, like Americans. I think I’d need to wait for my friend to go back again, and find a way to tag along. Or make a new Cali friend willing to guide me through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and the like…

But for now, I’ll just be happy for my dear friend, rediscovering the home of his younger self, hoping he is having the time of his life!

I’ll sit home, or at work, and wait for digital post cards, and who knows, maybe an real one?  😉

And I’ll just open open a can of air refreshner, and wonder if California really smells of L.A. Lavender…



And hum one of the many songs talking about the far far away state…



God rejse min kære ven!


2 thoughts on “California…

    1. I can try to drag the babes from the beach, but that might be a bit of a cost, renting busses and hiring drivers…. I might have to drive 3 or 4 of them in my own car. I hope you won’t be too disappointed, if we come to that… I promise to choose the top quality of babes to make up for my failure 😉


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