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A thought for Italy… Ok, for Rowena!



Just barely out of bed… Freja has just waken me up for food, and when that happens (basically every morning) I make a stop in the living room, check out a few things on my tablet and turn on the news on tv for a moment, before going back to bed for an hour or two…

This morning, I discover a new feeling.

I have a couple of far away friends…  You know, Pippa, Ib… They are far, but in case of emergency, I have their personal info. I know their adress and their phone numbers, and I can get in touch with them to make sure they are ok.

Blogging is weird in the way that it sometimes builds a connection between people without establishing a direct contact. And not having a phone number doesn’t mean not caring.

This morning, I learned that Italy has been hit by an earthquake. One of my favorite WordPress Bloggers lives in Italy. I don’t know exactly where she lives, and I know she likes to travel around a bit, so I don’t know where she was when the earth shook.

I know chances that she was amoung the victims are pretty low, but I’d just like to know that she is alright.

So… Rowena, if you read this, just drop a note. Someone in Canada is worried about you 🙂

This makes me think about a couple other regulars of the Cove, and I realize that Blogging isn’t just Blogging anymore. It is a little bit like spending time in a room in perfect darkness with strangers. After a while, the strangers aren’t really strangers anymore, but you still wouldn’t recognize them on the street.

I hope things will be fine for you Italy… My condolences to the victims’ families.

And I’ll be waiting for a little note from you, Rowena!


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