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Nombril de semaine…



Good Wednesday to all of you readers!

Last week, I skipped my mid-week rendez-vous for personal reasons, but I am back. And Nombril de semaine it will be indeed, because I decided to do things differently today.

In French, we have several sayings involving navels.

Nombril du monde, literally “world’s navel”, meaning that you think highly of your own self.

Se regarder le nombril, again, literally “to watch your own navel”, meaning thinking only about yourself.

So, in general, belly buttons are related to being self centered. I like sharing other Bloggers’ work, because Blogging is not a competition, and if I can help get people getting read, I do it do it gladly. I also enjoy when one of my posts gets re-blogged on another site, it is an honor that I don’t take lightly!

Looking at my soon 400 posts, I had a thought for my earlier stories… I know people who hit the “follow” button on my Blog today will most certainly not go back to my beginings, having enough to peak at with my daily posting. So I decided to dust up some of my own stuff, and try to give them a second life.

I’m not saying they’re my best posts… Just posts that still make me smile when I re-read them… I’ll go month by month, and we’ll see what you think about it?

Soooo…. January 2016


Tips for people who are tempted to fall in love with a country;


My one an only wedding dress-hunting experience;


I recommend listening to the song before reading this one… And listening to it after… And during the reading also 😉


Nombril de semaine wouldn’t be complete without a free ticket for a trip outside the Cove…

Notthedane56 first, of course 😉  After a little break, my dear friend and Blogger is back online, starting anew with his semi-fictional traveling Blog. And here’s one of his latest releases. I know Montréal will never be an approved pitstop on the way to California, but a girl can keep dreaming, right? Who knows, someday we might have the chance to shake feet in Vieux Montréal…


Linda … Also my friend, and a woman with one wild imagination! I can’t beleive she still doubts her talent, especially after all the good feedback! But she does, so give her link a little click, and give her a little love if you enjoy her writing like I do.


So there we go… Like, comment and share if you’d like to… It is free 🙂 And make sure to leave me your favorite posts’ links in the comment section, I’ll make sure to visit them!

Good week to all!



3 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. Thank you for the shout out, the love, and the words of encouragement. You are the best cheerleader I have ever had. One day at a time, I am getting closer and closer to believing in myself (thanks to you, Sauerkraut and Pita). You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

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