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Feed me…



Freja loves food. In French we’d say gourmande. I don’t know any equivalent in English. She loves to eat, and she’ll eat about anything.

Sissy, our late princess, wasn’t gourmande at all. She ate just what she needed, and we could leave her a bowl full of dry cat food, without fearing the least bit that she’d empty it right away.

She occasionally came around the table when we ate chicken or porc. She’d eat a bite or two, and then turn around and go back to more interesting activities, such as sleeping or just taking a nap!

Freja… Freja… Freja…

Freja has recently been renamed la poubelle, the trash can.

Even after buying a special food gadget supposed to stop the beast from going through all her food at once,


The stimulo always seems to be empty! So we had to get used to give her just a few bites at a time, because every time we walk by her eating spot in the apartment, she will whine and whine, using her Puss in Boots’ eyes until we feed her…

When it comes to our food, it is even worse. She will eat anything. ANYTHING!

I am aware that there are a few things that cats can’t be fed, and I would never put her cute little furry self in danger, but it has become some kind of a running joke to give her a bite of unusual foods, just to see her reaction.

We started with the usual foods provoking cat begging. All kinds of meat and dairy products (she is especially fond of blue cheese, it must come from her mom, lol). We then moved to more excentric things… Rasberries, bits of chips, pasta, potato, turnip… She licked a dill pickle for Heaven’s sake!

The only thing she didn’t touch yet is fresh lemon…. And she didn’t even frown when she smelled it! For some reason, I think she just wasn’t that hungry!

And after all this eating both cat and human food, she should be full, and get back to her couch and sleep on it, right? Think again! Little Miss Furball goes for the treat bag, and if not granted a few treats, she steals the bag, and that’s when I can snap a picture like the above photo!

I am starting a pool, to bet on the date she’ll explode. You can enter your guess in the comments! I’ll keep you posted…


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