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If you came to Montréal… (3)

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, chéri was at work and I thought I’d go for a walk downtown and bring you along. I had to go pick up my Montréal World Film Festival passport, so I packed up my bag and left home without looking back.


This is a must if you want to get around easily. The subway map. Métro in French, not to be mistaken with the major foodstore chain, Métro. Confused? Yes, I know, we Frenchies can be at times, but it is part of our charms!

Luckily, I am here to keep you from entering the wrong door, and here’s how to distinguish grocerie stores from subway stations;


Subway station


Grocery store

Ok, glad we got that out of the way… If you find it too complicated to memorize the 2 logos, I’d advise you to focus on the blue subway one. Because there are convenience stores in Métro stations, but you won’t find any way of transportation in a Métro store!

First, I headed to Place des arts station. I had to get my passport in that neighbourhood, and I took advantage of the fact I was walking along Ste-Catherine street (one of the most commercial street, downtown) to get a micro sd card for Samsung. My phone seemed happy with the memory enhancement, and we went on with our little walk.

I’ve already shown you this area earlier (remember the food truck and Juste pour Rire festivals?), but I still took a few shots…

Here are two pictures of the Montréal Contemporary Art Museum, boarding what we call “place des festivals” (Festivals’ place) which is blocked to traffic during the summer to allow people to enjoy different kinds of shows. In the back, you can see one of the pavillions of UQAM, (Université du Québec à Montréal – Quebec’s University in Montreal). The third picture one of the major downtown malls, Complexe Desjardins.

I’ve been told I was too discrete about my identity. You know… some people on WordPress display their true names, and not just an @li@s, and even post pictures of themselves. I haven’t really done that so far, shying away.

But it was sunny and warm, and I felt good, sitting on my bench, and I just let myself go, and took two selfies for you!

Yeah… I wear ripped jeans when off work, I bet you didn’t suspect I did, uh? I am full of suprises!! (lol) Of course Lefty had to get all the attention again, but worry not, Righty was there somewhere, enjoying the shade. Sorry I am not smiling on the second one… I just wouldn’t let myself give it another try!

Before heading to the Métro again, I visited a gift shop to get ice cold water and show you all the goodies you could get if you were in fact walking along with me…


Ok…  Now time to scroll back up to your Métro map. I won’t tell you where I live, but let’s just say my home is near the green line, close to the Honoré Beaugrand station. Up to now, we were around the Place des Arts station (also on the green line). And now moving to the orange line (via the major station Berri UQAM).

I got out at Bonaventure station. Fail!

I was listening to my music, nodding to the beat, and forgot that I had to get off the wagon at Place d’Armes station in order to get to the Vieux Port area… Great!

I could have turned back and taken the subway again, but I thought I’d have a walk around the neighbouhood where my silly feet had taken me instead… It’s a part of Montréal I don’t really know, going just a few times a year to attend a hockey game or a major show (at Bell’s Center)

I won’t comment each picture… I don’t want this post to be too long. But feel free to leave any question you might have in the comment box…

Hoping you enjoyed the walk around…  Until we can get lost à deux!  😉


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