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Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)

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Day 4 of my film marathon, and today, chéri joined in for three screenings. It is always fun to have a second opinion on the movies I watch, although I also enjoy my solo adventures!

I’ll make this short tonight, because I am running out of time, and I am a bit on the tired side, but I really wanted to post this before bedtime!

  • The Coop (Turkey) – In the country side, a woman learns that she suffers from tuberculosis, and that she has little time left to live. She encourages her husband to get married to a second woman to be sure that the children will be well taken care of. But after the wedding, she beats the disease against all odds.    We really liked the story, the visual side of the movie (the sceneries were great, and there was a carefulness for visual little details that really gave the movie some extra charm). Unfortunately, neither of us connected with the characters. I couldn’t say why, but it was a bit disappointing…


  • Mother’s airfield (China) – Because of starvation in Shanghai, orphans get sent to Mongolia. Eji, an old shepherdess raises one of the little boy as her own. Years after his return to China to join the Air Force, a snowballing white lie gives the now old woman the hope to see her son again… –  Beautiful movie! I embarked the tale right away. A slow and calm trip through Mongolia’s wilderness sights, fun and endearing characters, and a nice lesson about how “Even the impossible can become true”.


  • Bullseye (Argentina) – My favorite of the day.  Bullseye is actually a documentary depicting the meat industry in Argentina, and the tensions that attend it, through the eyes of an old bull’s final trip to the slaughterhouse. –  I love documentaries to begin with, but this one really has a twist. The bull’s narration (both very funny and philosophical), tells us about the different major Argentinian meat transforming and slaughtering companies… And the troubles they faced through time. I really wasn’t aware of the country’s role worldwide concerning beef meat… Highly educative, entertaining, and moving!


So that’s it for today, lovely readers….  I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully after spending my day in the same seat I take since day one… (Yeah, G26 is MINE! Mouahahahaha)



2 thoughts on “Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)

    1. It is indeed… I took a little day off yesterday, because spending too much time in a movie theater can be a little tiring, but I’m going back today, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the new films I enjoyed!

      Thanks for visiting the Cove… I hope to see you around again soon! 🙂

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