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Whut now??…


I love my furball. And it loves me… When hungry and/or when I am asleep (this annoying habit we humans have of not paying attention to cats during the night… How can a cat be sure that all its needs will be taken care of if humans lay down and stop doing anything but breathing? Ughh…)

Sometimes, I get an urge to snap a picture of miss Freja, but it rarely goes both ways. I mean that she rarely is in the mood to have her portrait taken (again), not that she doesn’t want to take mine in return!

I know she most probably doesn’t do it on purpose… Or maybe I just wish she doesn’t. But when I take out the camera to photograph her, she has this “Man, you’re annoying!” look that never fails…

I can just hear her thinking…

Ok, really mum, whut do you want again??


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