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Oh dang! Just let me be…



I am what I’d call “consciously naive”.

I think about, and hope for things that I know most probably won’t happen to me. Things that “normal” serious people wouldn’t bother wishing for, it being a total waste of time.

I know it is a waste of time, if you just think about making the most out of your thinking.

But, almost everytime I am about to discard a dream, tiny or huge, two words pop out in my mind… “What if?”

Yeah, what if? What if, it just happened to work?

People say that dreams are always reachable if you work hard for them. I don’t think so. I beleive that rule applies to a lot of dreams, but for some others, you just need a little extra luck. Just a pinch of magic to make the unlikely come true.

So I allow myself to beleive my dreams might come true some day, and I enjoy the “what if” feel-good sensation!

Serious people don’t let themselves enjoy that. And for some reason, it often seems annoying to them to face a person who does. Jealousy? Maybe… Or maybe they just see naive people as dummies who don’t realize they’re wasting their time dreaming? No matter why, they look down on people like me and sometimes make it really clear.

It really doesn’t matter…

If I had given up being naive, I wouldn’t have this Blog, I wouldn’t have met Jonas (ohhhh  Jonas…  *Sigh*) and I sure as Hell wouldn’t have traveled to Denmark!!



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