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Research by keywords…



Just in case you didn’t know, in your Blog’s stats, you can see the visits you got after a research by keywords.

I like having a look at what brings people to the Cove, and most of the times, the searched words are “Once I was 7 years old”, most probably because of the Lukas Graham song. (Otherwise, people would be very curious about being 7 years old, which sounds really weird to me!) Because of that, my post “Once I was 6 years old…” got a lot of views.

Today, someone made a search for the words “having dreams about choking on a tea bag” leading to my post “Choking on a tea bag…”.




This kind of things makes me love life!

When I wrote the post, I remember thinking “what were the odds, that an elderly would choke on a tea bag?” Now I am wondering “what were the odds, that someone would dream about it??”

It reminds me of how many of us humans, there is on the globe. Making the possibility of thoughts, dreams and things happening countless!

The odds are slim, but really, anything’s possible!

Like me, thinking about the mind blowing multitude of men and women, because of a tea bag that got stuck in a granny’s throat…



Update… Since chéri doesn’t read my Blog, I gave him a spoken version of this post.

……… – his reaction.

So, I appologize, you might have just lost a few minutes of your life on something that is only funny to me. I am used to that. LOL anyway!


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