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Hey my lovelies!!



Yes, you, now 150 lovely readers…  THANK YOU!

You and your colorful flags dancing in the breeze outside the Cove! You and your smily faces that come by every now and then! You and your good words, and your support!

We’re a pretty neat bunch of fellows aren’t we? And I enjoy myself around you… Oh, there will always be some up and downs, especially with a crazy mind like mine, but I know I can always come and tell you about it to make me feel better, and hopefully make others relate…

I have been thinking about the big 150 for a while now, thinking it wasn’t even possible… So I have set myself a weird but fun personal challenge to celebrate this turning point. I’ll tell you about it in an upcoming post, tonight, or possibly tomorrow morning!

So again…  Thank YOU, the first ones, who made me feel I might have a chance to survive the WordPress jungle. The ones that have been regulars and have helped build confidence… (I am not an expert at self-confidence, but I am getting treated for that LOL) The ones that joined the Cove recently, forcing everyone to move around the chairs to make sure everybody’s comfortable…

Thank you for being there!




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