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Taking a walk in Yosemite park…

These days, my thoughts are boiling. I am working late night shifts, and spending most of my free time working on my new dream start up.

I have tons of ideas for Blog posts, for both the Cove and my Turtle Travel Blog, and I still have a life to live outside my cyber-realm.

My brain is busy… Pretty dang dang busy. I sometimes worry smoke starts coming out of my ears, and my hair catches on fire…

I’d definitively prefer not to catch on fire. Definitively.


This morning, as I was stirring thoughts on the couch, I received a message from a good friend from Denmark. No, he’s not a Dane, he’s American. Yes, a Californian living in Denmark, but presently spending time in California. No, he has not gone back to the U.S. for good (for all I know!)

Ok, listen, he’s a Californian dude, living in Denmark, with a great Dane – no, not a dog! A Danish woman he met in California, where he actually is. No, not with her. Why? Because.. Because… That’s not important! So… His Danish wife is in Denmark, and he is back in California where he met her. Not now! Back then, when they first met… In California.

Am I not being clear??

So anyway… (oh and by the way, through all this California/Denmark Q&A session… I’ve been and still am in Montréal myself, if anyone cared? No?.. okie, let’s continue then) I am sitting on the couch, and I received a series of pictures taken from my friend, along his hiking in Yosemite Park (yes, in California, thank you for following!

And I have the right to use them…   So here’s the little trip in the mountains I made this morning.


Half Dome seen from Glacier Point view
Half Dome on the right
Looking downhill
Going up Sentinel Dome
Everybody needs directions, sometimes 🙂


Mount Hoffmann
El Capitan
Sentinel Rock
Cathedral Rocks

I just thought I’d share this little trip. I thought about keeping the pictures for myself, since it was kind of a gift-promenade… But I am not selfish, and the views are just too majestic…  I hope you’ll enjoye them too!

Special thanks to   Notthedane56 for the photos…


10 thoughts on “Taking a walk in Yosemite park…

      1. Reminding me…. I have to check out last year’s wishes in my bucket masson jar… I have a few that came true, and it is time to add new ones 🙂

        Ever had a bucket list yourself?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is a great idea to keep them in a jar! I made a bucket list years ago and just found it awhile back. I had accomplished “open a school”, “move to my hometown” (although had to move away again), “adopt” and “start a blog”. Still on that list — learn to play piano, learn to swing dance, scuba dive, go to Italy and find my ancestors hometown, take photography class, write a book… I’m sure I could add a lot more now years later!!!! 🤣🤣 what’s left on your list???

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I love having my wishes in a jar… each year I check those I’ve accomplished, and add new ones…

        Among last year’s checked ones: “taking my writing to a new level (started the Cove)” “Talking -a little- Danish with a Dane” and “seeing Mew (my favorite band) live”

        Checked this year: “Meeting Pippa (my girl friend in Denmark)” “Going to Denmark” and “Getting 100 views for a day in the Cove”

        I have many left to accomplish, but among them I have “e-publishing M, my first novel” “living abroad again” and “meeting Mads Mikkelsen (Hey! A girl is allowed to dream… lol)”

        Your achievements are pretty impressive, especially the “open a school” one! I hope you get to check a few off your list this year 🙂 xx

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      4. “open a school” = home based preschool for 6 students beyond my own children…so not super impressive, ha ha 😉 I’d say you have some pretty awesome things under your belt and great plans for more to come! I’d say we should always dream, eh? 😉 XO

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Don’t underestimate your achievements…. I think it is still pretty dang cool!!

        And I agree, as long as we have dreams to dream about, we’ll have fuel to go through life 🙂 xx

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