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Walking in San Francisco…

You’d think that after a 10 hours long shift, all I’d be in for would be to hop in my pjs, wrap myself in my favorite blanket and watch my favorite Monday tv shows…

But you know how it goes… You’re ready to take it easy, and a good friend calls in, and offers an unexpected roadtrip! Why not, right? I’m always ready for sightseeing in good company.

Tonight, I went to San Francisco… It was a first for me. Oh I had seen the city on tv several times, but it is never quite the same to be there!

As I said in former posts, I am not a big cities girl (says the girl living in Montréal, I know). I prefer the countryside, and the wilderness, but I must say I was all OOooOoohs an AAaaAaAhhhs when we got a first view of San Francisco from a distance.





I got suddenly got excited, moving on my seat… “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” My friend was probably already regretting his phone call to invite me over, but he was gentleman enough not to mention it…

I managed to tone down my anticipation, and we both made it to town unharmed (if you leave aside the few bruises after passing by yellow cabs… But that’s another story!)  Here’s a short summary of our walk…



After a fancy meal at the nearest Mc Donald’s, I was shown the way home… I would have slept over, to enjoy another day of San Fransisco discovery tomorrow, but it could have been considered inapropriate to share another man’s hotel room, no matter how well behaved we both were.

Back home in Montréal, I am just left to hope I get a call again tomorrow, to see a little more of what California has to offer…

Thank you for the trip, my friend… It’s always sweet to travel with you!



4 thoughts on “Walking in San Francisco…

  1. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities (I might be bias because I live here currently), but I have so many restaurant and activity ideas if you ever need some for the city!!! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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    1. Sorry for the late reply… My work day was long and draining, and my head was spinning all night!

      Thanks for the advice offer, I’ll keep it for a future trip. I wasn’t actually in San Francisco yesterday, I just had a “virtual” walk with a friend visiting SF, and sending me the pictures as he moved around the city 🙂

      I am reading your “best week” posts… I really enjoy your best friends celebration. It is very inspirational, especially since me and my bff are celebrating our 30th anniversary! She offered me something similar to your week of fun, and I can’t wait to make it official… This is so very exciting 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for your visit, and sorry again for the delay…

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      1. No problem at all!!!! I was wondering how you went to San Francisco for one day from where you are, it all makes SO much more sense now. I totally missed that-hehe. I truly hope you get to do that trip with your friend! 30 years?! That’s certainly something to celebrate. Have a great rest of your week!

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