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Looking back on September…

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If you’re a regular in the Cove, you know how I overlook stats to focus on flags nowadays! I used to check every day to see if a new country had shown its nose without me noticing!

The number of countries my words haven’t visited yet is getting smaller and smaller by the day. So, instead of checking every now and then, I decided to have a look once a month and mention the newcomers in a welcoming post!

Looking at my September stats, I noted down the names of the lucky seven countries new to the Cove…  Argentina, Barbados, Czeck Republic, Fiji, Nepal, Oman and Romania!

Warm welcome to the Cove, all seven of you, faraway lands!!

I thought I’d find an original fact about each of them, so everybody can learn a little more… So, without further time wasting, let’s enjoy Fun Facts Time!!




The International Date Line runs through Fiji’s island of Taveuni, so you can stand with one foot in the present date, and the other in the previous date.

A good way to put the concept of “here and now” in perspective…



The abominable snowman, also known as the Yeti, is a legendary apelike creature that is believed to frequent the high valleys of Nepal.

Chéri knows what I really think about the Yeti, and all his cousins around the world… Although I like to be open about things I don’t have any proof they aren’t true, I just can’t stand to watch tv shows about Yeti hunting. After all those years, I have trouble understanding grown intelligent men beleiving firmly that the creature exists… Really?? 



In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in 10 days.

That’s pretty fast… Those men really did run for presidency! 


Czech Republic

Soft contact lenses were invented by a Czeck  chemist, Mr. Otto Wichterle, in 1959.

Now, how many of you, lenses users, knew where the idea had come from? Raise your hands!!  No… Nobody? See? Now you do!



There is one city in Romania that will make most people – except for those living there – smile. This city is Caracal and is known for a lot of funny things – some of which we’re going to share with you below:

– The fire lookout tower in the city burnt down
– The main door of the police station was stolen
– The cemetery is on the Resurrection street
– The Railway Station Clock in Caracal uses the wrong Roman numbers for number 4 (which should be IV, but is IIII).
– The prison was located on Freedom street (officially named “Iancu Jianu Street”, but referred to as “Freedom” or “Liberty” street by locals)
– They have only one school, named School nr. 2

NOTE: Some people say that most of these stories about Caracal are exaggerations, but at least some are certainly true.

Oh, this one did make me smile… A lot! Are we talking delicious sense of irony from the Romanian people, or major case of ADHD in Caracal? Either way I love it! I wanna go to Caracal!!!!!



Mountain Dew is the top-selling beverage in Oman.

If you are from Oman, I’d like a confirmation! Is really this strange pop drink that popular? Is it because of a lack of other brands? Tell me! 🙂



The grapefruit was invented in Barbados, by combining a pomelo and sweet orange tree.

I had never given a thought about fruit inventing. Too bad I don’t have enough spare time. I could have been tempted to create grape-pineaple, or banana-strawberry… Just for the kick of making myself a name in the fun facts annals. 


That’s about it for September 🙂 But tune in in a month! With a little luck, we’ll have many new countries to talk about…





7 thoughts on “Looking back on September…

  1. Those are some great unusual facts! I am like you, I want to visit Caracal, it seems to have a funny bone. ❤ loved this post. Congrats on the exotic visitors! They can come visit me now that I know more about them. I will pull out the Mt. Dew and a grapefruit while wearing my soft contact lenses.


    1. Mouahahahah thanks Jey! I did work hard to find useful information! 😉

      Imagine the awe when you tell all your folks at the next family dinner!! 🙂

      And by the way… Welcome to the Cove!

      Liked by 1 person

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