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Elephant thoughts…



I was surfing on the Internets when I came across this picture…  (don’t ask me what I was looking for to begin with… but one thing led to another, and yeah, that’s where I ended up)

For some reason, I started staring at it, and I wondered what the elephant was thinking.

  • How big a set of wings would I need to fly like them birds?
  • She’s not going to come… I know she’s not going to come… Them circus cuties, they’re all the same!
  • Is it possible that there is another elephant sitting on the other side of this dang load of water? If so, Is it wondering if there is one on this side? Should I wave my trunk in case it has a better eyesight than me?
  • What am I doing on the side of a road? That’s it, I’m not eating Marula fruit ever again… EVER!
  • Why don’t people pick me up whenever I decide to hitchhike?
  •  I can’t beleive I never thought about resting my butt on something before… Standing sucks! I have to tell the guys about it when I get home.
  • Whoa, I hope this is solid wood!
  • Why is this girl staring at my back? What could she possibly be thinking?


Yeah, I’m sorry…  I know some people use their brains to cure diseases or to build planes… Obviously, I don’t!





10 thoughts on “Elephant thoughts…

    1. Thanks again diiwanna 🙂

      I do have very wandering mind… And it wonders about useless things, but I guess it is just trying its best entertaining me 😛 I am glad it entertained you too!!

      Thanks for your visit in the Cove, I hope to see you again soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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