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Cats, butts and a handful of change…


Spending the evening at the office… Again, I know.

Eating cannelloni for my 4th meal in a row, and I wanted to treat myself. So I went to the vending machines downstairs, and got my change purse (is it really what it is called??) to feed the soft drink machine with my Canadian tokens!

And I had a look at the little”bag” in my hands, and I smiled. Just like time I take it out of my purse, or my pocket, and have a look at it before paying whatever it is I am treating myself with!

I’ve bought the little zipped pouch about four years ago, in an outdoor store in the Vieux Port area (remember le Vieux Port?). It was actually a shop that sold only things made of recycled materials… Which I thought was cool (but not as cool as my change thingie!!)

So here it is, for you to judge;


Isn’t it the coolest thing you’d want to pull your change out of?? It’s made of recycled materials, there’s a smiley cat involved, and the word “BUTT” in capital letters – thank you very much – for every cashier to see! But(t)…. It gets even better! (I know, amazing, uh?) It is also educational!! Not from this side… of course… but(t) if you turn it around…



Yes!! A field guide to recognize the most common cat butts you could come across! I’m now pretty familiar with all of them (except the Siamese… I haven’t seen one in a while, but(t) I am not afraid, as long as I have my guide with me!) so I don’t really use it anymore… but(t) it still makes me smile, as I mentioned earlier…

Little things make me smile… Like cat butts, in my pocket, at all times!

I know… I am 38. Don’t judge me!


Oh, and just in case you’d be thinking… “yeah yeah yeah… (no, not the music band!) you’ve made this soda vending machine story up just to tell us about them cat butts, haven’t you??”

Well, my Lovelies, I’m a tad disappointed you’d think that. Me? Making stuff up? Really?

Just in case… The evidence:




Ok, ok… you can always wonder if I bought it before or after writing my shenanigans… 😛 But(t)I know I’m straight as an arrow…most of the time!






15 thoughts on “Cats, butts and a handful of change…

    1. Your comment made me smile, and feel younger for a moment… And inspired me a soon to come post. I’ll make sure to let you know when I publish it… I hope it’ll rub off the “old” feeling you shouldn’t have 🙂 Really… 48, that’s nothing, as long as your heart is young!


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  1. 38???48?? I’ll never see 58 again! you young whippersnappers need to think you are still young! You don’t get to claim old till after 60 (like me.) adorable coin purse….wish I had one like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I never thought posting my age would make such a fuss 😛

      It will sound cheesy, but I honestly think age doesn’t mean a think, as long as you keep a good heart 🙂 I don’t ask for id when I make friends… As I wrote in a post for another age concerned dear one in the past, You’re not older…. You’ve just been young longer than me 🙂

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      1. Don’t! Ever! Old people are grumpy… And grumpy is bad… Except for Grumpy Cat, and Bitter Ben (who both aren’t old, but allowed to be as grumpy as they wish… that’s how I like them 😉 )

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