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Micro-poésie du vendredi…



Dans l’oeil du dragon,

Elle serre dans son poing une promesse d’amours éternelles.

Ivre d’un songe,

Où il la lui souffle, les yeux fermés, directement sur les lèvres…





15 thoughts on “Micro-poésie du vendredi…

  1. I’m not sure if the translation is correct? I øjet af dragen, hun ryster knytnæve i løftet om evig kærlighed. Beruset med en drøm, hvor han hvisker, lukkede øjne, direkte. It sounds rather Danish, not the first part, but the translation. Oops. It says No comments! Sorry about that. Please disregard this message.

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  2. from someone who flunked french in elementary school (50 years ago) here is the complete and semi-accurate translation into Suzeish.
    dance in the oil of dragons, we all dance and sproing loving every drop of oil,
    listen to our song,
    we sing of love dragons and oily skin, hot and smelly, they smell and everyone knows when you pass!

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