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The day my beliefs in democracy were shaken…

I thought I believed blindly in democracy. I did.

And then I watched bits and pieces of the neverending soap opera ongoing South of the border, and I gave it a second thought. But this is not about American politics…

This is about me, and my promise to use democracy to put my precious anonymity at stake. How wrong, wrong and wrong again!

I have warned you people! I have. Like Trump, trying to pull all the worst lines to force you people to vote the other way… And BAM!!

The results are in…

Cyranny’s camp: 1 vote (I’d like to thank me for sticking up for me!)

OM’s camp: 3 votes (You evil, evil man! 😛 )

So, what now? I have promised a selfie if I lost. I could cheat and ask a foxy friend to lend me a picture of her in a glittery dress. But I am not a cheater…  AAaarrghhh.

I’m down to it… Respect democracy and post a picture, or keep myself secret and declare myself the Cove’s official dictator!

I’m taking a little time to think it over.



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