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99 bottles of beer on the wall…

Ever heard the very annoying tune? Usually sang during long trips on the road to kill time, it’s been on my mind today, as I was preparing to write this post.

I’ve been longing to send this one out! I usually don’t make my thoughts wait. If I have an idea, I rush to the keyboard, write it down and hit the “publish” button. The reason of this post has been a constant itch for the past few weeks…

But I wanted to make it even more special than it already is, and today is the perfect day to spread the news!

What’s going on, Cyranny?  you might wonder.

I am getting to it!

Let’s just take that beer bottle song, replace beer bottles by days, and you’re getting warmer… 99 days until what? Something truly great!




In 99 days, I’ll be in a plane, in the Québec skies, heading towards Keflavik!

No way???

Way! I am officially going back to Denmark in February!! Not at the best time of year, some might say, and not as long as I would have wished… But!

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

A while back, I told you Lovelies about a day spent with J, my best friend, here in Montréal…  That day, we realized our friendship was 30 years old. Incredible, right? Well, that’s what we thought, and we were joking about how we should celebrate it in style…

You might remember this plating of nachos



It was over this plate, and a fresh Corona, that I told J I had bought a pair of tickets to Mew’s concert in Copenhagen, next February. We were discussing what I should do with the tickets…

  • Sell them after dreaming a long while, that I could have been there.
  • Give them to Danish friends to have them enjoy the show for me.
  • Keep the tickets, and know there was an empty place where I could have been sitting.


Keep them… I’ll go with you!

I almost choked on my mouthful of tortilla chips, cheese and salsa. Whuuuut? She was kidding, for sure!

Find us cheap tickets, and I’ll join you to Denmark!

I couldn’t believe my ears, so I made her repeat it 4 or 5 times… But she was serious, and my mind went wild!!

Throughout the day, I gave her a 1000 occasions to take back her silly offer, but J still insisted. When I left her at the bus station, I thought I would get a text message, telling me something like “gotcha!”  Killing my new dream in the most cruel way.

But the message never came.

Back home, I checked the plane ticket prices, the only real concern in this kind of looney plans. And dang oh dang! The price for the dates we needed was

Of course, we needed our boyfriends’ blessing to go on with the plannin, and I felt sorry to leave Chéri behind for a second time, but it was too exciting not to even try. To my surprise, Chéri was very receptive, more than in May. First because the trip will be a lot shorter his time, 10 days instead of 3 weeks. Second because I wasn’t leaving on my own, and last but not least, because I was going to travel with J, for the first time in 30 years!

So I booked our tickets, and J renewed her passport, and we are now 99 days away from flying to Vikingland!

J is almost more excited than me! The farthest she’s been from Québec was New York City, and she’s never boarded a plane… She is one of the few who have always welcomed my Danish anecdotes, never getting annoyed or bored about them.  She really wants to discover the country, and we keep texting each other, mentionning littles things we are eager to do!

We know it won’t be the best time of year weather-wise, but compared to Québec, it will be perfect. The average temperature in Montréal, for February is -15 Celcius. So being around freezing point for 10 days will be a nice break! And we are shopping to have practical but warm clothing not to worry about cold or rain…

I write this, and I still can’t believe it! In 99 days, soon 98, I’ll walk the streets of Copenhagen again! I have started thinking about our mini tour, choosing from my favorite places and places I didn’t have time to visit in May. I have full liberty to plan things as I wish… A real dream!

So beware DK! I’m coming back, and this time, I’m bringing some backup with me!

And we’ll be sitting on those seats, enjoying Jonas’ voice, live, in Copenhagen! Another bucket list wish to check out!

99 days… Just 99 days!



16 thoughts on “99 bottles of beer on the wall…

  1. That’s so awesome!! Isn’t it great when you get to have anticipation about something like this? I mean, torture yes, but still-kinda does something to know something is counting down, no? You’ll have to post ALL about it when you’re there (or get back, lol)! So excited for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am really greatful to have all this time ahead of me to build the excitment! Expectation is a great part of the fun… A little like children expecting Christmas! We will document our trip profusely, especially because it will be such a special best friends’ shared moment.

      The little girl in me stops, to think about it every now and then, and is just mindblown!

      Thanks for your good words Amanda 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re REALLY excited….

      And, although it will not be as much a break from cold, as if we had headed South to Cuba or something like that, it will be nice to get away from the -20s and -30s of February for a few days (because, yeah, -15 is the average… we’re used to worse, especially in Feb)

      Cocooning is the keyword for me during winter 🙂


  2. ENJOY! Nice to meet you – my first Danish blog friend. I have never been to Denmark. I live in Ireland. I have visited Montreal v Briefly but been to Canada 3 times. Loved it. Been to Calgary, Banff, Newfoundland, Ottawa, Toronto, Timmins, Niagara…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh we will! It will be quite an adventure!

      My brother and parents have visited Ireland, but I didn’t get that chance yet…. They say they loved it! 🙂

      If you ever travel back to Canada, and plan to pass by Montréal, just wave, I could give you a tour 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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