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If you came to Montréal… (7)

Days are getting shorter and shorter in Montréal… And it is going to continue that way until around December 21st, time when things will turn.

So If you came to Montréal at this time of year, we’d most probably go take some walks after sunset. With that in mind, I decided to take some Autumn evening shots of my neighbourhood, that way you’ll be sure not to get lost if I ask you to get something at the convenience store while I’m cooking supper?

Put on a scarf, make sure your coat is zipped all the way up, and let’s go!


Yeah, you could take the bus, but it would be pretty useless, since the convenience store (le dépanneur) is about 5 minutes of walk away from home…


Notice that we are lucky this year…  We didn’t get much wind lately, so the trees have kept most of their leaves.


Ok, ok, some of them have lost more than others… This is not a snow bank, just a big pile of leaves…


An unusual sight… Toilet waiting on the sidewalk.


You’re getting there. On the right, the fire station, and the convenience store is on the left, just where the black car is parked.


Be careful when you pass by those backstreets… You wouldn’t want to get caught in the dark with just anybody, right?


You’re almost back now… I hope your fingers aren’t freezing yet!


Just a corner away from my apartment. Ok, I didn’t let you go by yourself… Here’s proof I was there all along!

Until our next walk…  🙂



Want to see more of Montréal with me? 

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11 thoughts on “If you came to Montréal… (7)

  1. It looks very much like a subdivision in Altoona Pennsylvania………or North Chicago Illinois. I loved being just a few blocks away from stores in North Chicago. I hated the cold though. Don’t think I’ll be visiting in the winter time!

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      1. i was there for three years back in the 70’s…late 70’s at that. I was “passing through” and visiting a friend from college. I was also six months pregnant. I was in an accident and went into labor way too early, had my youngest at 6 months and a few days. Luckily, Evanston Hospital had just opened the first neonatal hospital in the country. Rich was transferred there as soon as he was born in May and I spent the next three months visiting him daily. He was released on my due date in August. By that time I had a job and wasn’t going anywhere for a while. Honestly, I loved taking the El to downtown for work everyday. I love trains.

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      2. Wow!! That is a harsh arrival in town… Happy it turned out well!

        Your life is so amazing… You’ve been through so much, and I only know a small fraction of your story. Seriously (we haven’t done seriously much yet, uh?) aside from all the joking around and the leg pulling going on between us, I am discovering an AwEsOmE woman, a little each day…. And I sure hope it keeps going that way 🙂 Thanks for sharing those stories with Froggy here 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jacqueline 🙂 I wondered about posting those pictures, since they were a bit on the blurry side, and didn’t show a lot, but I think they picture well the Autumn’s nights… And there is a certain mystery to it… Happy you enjoyed them 🙂

      Happy Thursday to you 🙂


    1. LOL Me too Irene… But I take advantage of the last nice evening before we switch to real cold weather. Winter is pretty intense here, and when the temperature gets below -20, it takes something very important to get me away from the warmth of my appartment 😛

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