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Picture Battle (yeah, again!)

I will post a warning at the entry of the Cove soon… So newcomers know what they are in for! I am one walking and breathing annoyance, and OM/Opinionated Man/Jason is one of my favorite victims!

It is his fault though! He does post pictures with a short comment that make my cellphone itch to make a cheaper version of his publishings!

So…  to understand the following picture, just pay a visit to his morning post.



I’m like an old lady trapped in a middle aged body, mommied up in bed. Getting up sucks… And so does Gary!





6 thoughts on “Picture Battle (yeah, again!)

    1. LOOOL Impossible! That would be the end of Gary sucking big time (you know how people LOVE anybody when they die, even the worst sucker becomes “such a great guy”…. Ughh!!), and I can’t let that happen!

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    1. Amen, Elizabeth! LOL As long as Gary breathes, we’ll have someone to blame for anything that goes wrong… No matter how unimportant the reason is! (Especially, if it is unimportant, if you ask me!)

      *High five*

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