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November Rain…


Blogging is a funny thing… At least for me it is.

Today, walking my 3 minutes walk from home to work, wishing I had found my good umbrella, which was of course not going to happen, I just thought…. “Meh, November rain!”

Since my brain is almost always in blogging mode, I figured I would take a picture once at the office (yeah, I was already juggling with my purse, my lunchbag, the bad umbrella and my wandering thoughts, so taking a picture was not possible during the walk. So, just a simple November rain picture, and I would leave you Lovelies the choice to leave me your thoughts about November rain… or not.

But… I then started humming the song, and thought “Hey, I could add the Guns & Roses’ hit… Everybody likes a good tune, right?” and once at my desk, after taking the November rain picture from the window (yeah, it doesn’t look awfully November rainy inside) I asked YouTube to play me the song a couple of times…

See? If blogging wasn’t a funny thing, you’d already have a post with a sad picture and a good ol’ song, and I’d be off to something else…  But…

As I said in another post (I won’t mind looking for it, it really wasn’t that intersting 😛 ) In my life, I only danced “slow dances” twice. Which now wouldn’t mean anything to young people because I believe that dancing isn’t something “that” popular anymore…  Back in my teen years, we went dancing every Friday, and my two only chances were on the same song… Yeah November Rain..

Hey, you can’t blame me for choosing a long song! When you get to dance in the arms of a guy every two and a haf years… Which is not really accurate, I just made an average of my 2 dances over the 5 teenage years period I spent in Kamsar… But the honest truth would be more, 4 years of sighs, and 2 dances in the last year.

Pathetic, I know… But at least I got over that pretty well, and thank God for that, since it’s been more than 20 years since that last dance.

I could talk about those two dances, but they are stories of their own. The first with the first boy I loved (no no, he didn’t, but he was nice enough to let me have this moment of pure bliss before he went back to Belgium, his home country) And the second one with that American boy who used to say I would have been the perfect girlfriend if I had been been pretty! Ha! Yes, that guy. I feel bad, I made him look mean in that post. But he really wasn’t. So just to prove that he wasn’t a bad guy at all, I’ll just add that he was my first kiss too! But we’ll have to talk about that another time, because this is about November Rain, remember??

Ok. Where will my thoughts bring us now, you might wonder? After my first dance with a boy from Belgium and my first kiss from the American guy, it was only fair to keep traveling, and my mind had settled for another first, in Denmark, this time.

Yesterday, I almost attended my first Julefrokost. It was the office Christmas party of a friend in Denmark. I couldn’t really be there, being in Montréal, and having to work, but I felt like I would be welcome if those 2 reasons hadn’t been an issue, and I let my thoughts wander overseas wondering what it would have been like.

I imagined the round table and the Danish guests around it. I certainly would have been the talk of the night, having traveled so far just for a party. I probably would’ve been thaught a few bad words, and we would have had snaps all night, saying “Skål” everytime my shot would have been filled.

I know there’s dancing involved during Julefrokost, and although they most certainly didn’t play November Rain during the evening, I wondered if I would have gotten the chance to be invited on the dancefloor… Third time’s a charm, they say! And I’m pretty sure it would have been quite lovely to dance once again…

But I wasn’t there, and we didn’t eat and drink, and party like true Vikings do… And all of this, is this afternoon’s November rain outside’s fault. I really really wanted to just post a picture of it… Maybe put in the link to the song, and just forget about it…

Blogging is a funny thing….







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