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Picture Battle – Cyr VS OM yet again!

He loves it… Yes he said it!

And there’s no such thing as too much lovin’! So by OM’s personal request… Here it is, second Picture Battle of the day!

Now, I have to say that no Gary was harmed during the shooting, and The Gary still sucks full throttle!

For those who wouldn’t be following THE Opinionated Man (shame on you!!) here’s what this is about Click here!

So first… MY fan (well, it is actually Booh Boss’ but I am just a pawn on the office’s checkboard, so I am not allowed to have a fan of my own yet!)




It wasn’t too long to clean, and pretty easy to reach, being on Booh Boss’ desk, and I WAS at work… Therefore not allowed to have Martinis, or Tequila, or anything like it. So I got the next best thing 😉




Oh yeah baby!!


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