Christmas tree — Créations Jonathan Loranger

Dear Lovelies, I decided to help a friend that makes all kinds of hand made furniture and decorations made out of wood. His work is amazing, and he is open to special requests and custom pieces. I haven’t published much yet, but it is New Year’s Eve, and I wanted the blog to be online…… Continue reading Christmas tree — Créations Jonathan Loranger

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Happy New Year…..

It is already past midnight in Denmark, and of course for most of Europe… And you know that I can’t forget my Viking friends 😉 So I’ll wish you all Lovelies a wonderfull year 2017 even if it isn’t here yet…  I wish you all Health, Love, and what you truly need! May the new…… Continue reading Happy New Year…..

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December Woes, January Wishes…

  Perched on the edge of the year. Today – December, Tomorrow – January. Should I tell her how I feel? Wasn’t it in December, when you said you loved me?  She confronted me with my own words. “January is cold in bed, much colder than when our toes entwined together in the fading fires…… Continue reading December Woes, January Wishes…

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30 years of… What??

Hello Lovelies, Broadcasting live from Trois-Rivieres, land of my ancestors (ok, just my parents and my bestfriend) I just had to come and leave a little note since my fingers itched from not-writing yesterday. And what kept me away from the keyboard, you might ask? Well yesterday was my late Christmas party at J’s (my…… Continue reading 30 years of… What??

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What got me to where I am today… 3/3

As part of my new Let me be your voice chronicles, here is the third and final part of the testimony I recieved from one of you Lovelies… Here are the first two parts, if you’d like to read them;  Part 1  Part 2 If you too have any untold story you’d like to write…… Continue reading What got me to where I am today… 3/3

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More books…

I told Madame Suze I would suggest her more good readings… And after the success of Madame Gabaldon’s bestseller “War” I thought I should as well share with all of you!!     First… War 2 – The Sequel.  As good as the first, and my favorite of the two for several reasons. I suck…… Continue reading More books…

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New to the Cove?… Visit Cyranny’s Cove for Dummies!

  Cyranny’s Cove for Dummies can be found in the bar at the top of my blog’s main page, or you can access it by clicking Here! It is just to give you an idea of the Cove in general, and to be more familiar with usual Cove stuff. It is under perpetual construction, so…… Continue reading New to the Cove?… Visit Cyranny’s Cove for Dummies!