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Boox? Whut boox?



Freja has tons of places to nap. TONS of places, including  a cat tree, two beds, two sofas, two armchairs and many simple chairs…


Miss Freja would much rather knock half the books off one of the living room’s shelves. Notice the innocent look in the book-knocker’s face!






13 thoughts on “Boox? Whut boox?

  1. Pyewackets favorite spot for sleeping is on top of my husband’s laptop…..or inside the towels cupboard. I still haven’t figured out how he manages to close the door! Teddy (Theodore J Felix) sleeps in a tree. It’s a big tree, granted, but he’s out there all the freaking time…unless he is sneaking in the dog door to eat the dog’s dinners. the weirdest thing is Teddy was declawed as a kitten,…no claws…so how in heck does he get up that blasted tree?

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  2. My cats are the same. If they think I’m sleeping in too late, they jump onto the bedside cupboard and knock everything off including my late night writing paraphenalia, spectacles etc and sit there purring loudly, inches away from my face, staring at me, umblinking and every now and then stretching out a paw and patting my face until I get up.

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