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Micro poésie du vendredi…



A la tombée du jour le plus court, tu m’as barricadée dans ta prison de verre. Naive au possible, j’en ai fais mon douillet univers. Chaque fois que la neige virevolte, j’imagine que c’est toi qui le remue. Et souriant dans la tempête, je rêve de délivrance et d’absolu…

Je songe de vitre fracassée et d’une main tendue…

D’une main chaude sur ma peau nue…




4 thoughts on “Micro poésie du vendredi…

  1. what a beautiful song! (poem? story?) as you know I speak fluent french (totally what I have taught myself and verified by no one on this planet) so let me translate for the non-french speakers among us……….(forgive me all of french canada and france itself)
    As I banged my tambourine all around the courtyard, my beloved eyed a ripe bunch f figs hanging from a tree outside the prison bars…he cried out “Suze, come get me out of here” as I danced……….my electric volts are frightening the guards and they won’t bring me lunch! I said “I shall deliver you once I get this chicken fricassee to mom” and he cried out…come dance for me..hold the fricassee!

    I should get a job at the united nations……….sigh

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    1. LOoOOooOOooOL Suze! But don’t get me wrong, I was just thinking about a joke someone told me earlier today! And I am a bit tired since I got of work at 9 pm yesterday, started again at 5 this morning, and am what you could call, hmm just a step above coma tired!

      Great translation!! Did I say great? I meant fabulous job! You totally read between my lines…

      Not everybody would have caught the fricassee drift 😉

      You totally rule! Muahhh!!

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    1. Rest is for sissies… Hmmmm… Maybe if I just lay my head down a little… just like that… and closed my eyes, just for a second… If I… Hmmm… ZzZzzzZzzZ…

      Hey! I said rest is for sissies!

      ZzzZZZzzZZzzzZzz…. 😉


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